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What is content marketing and why should I consider it?

By Marcia Mattushek The ‘content marketing’ buzzword has been around since the mid-90s, but content marketing itself – telling a story that provides customers with something of value, to encourage engagement with your organisation – has been around for a very long...

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How do you communicate your brand positioning?

By Sophy Edmonds. Effective brand communications employ both creativity and strategy to build and maintain the strong perceptions that attract your target audience and grow your business. Essentially, consistent, integrated brand communications set your organisation...

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How to position your brand for success

By Sophy Edmonds. Your brand positioning denotes your company’s value. While your products and services have a lifecycle, your brand does not. So much more than a logo, a strong brand is the ongoing image or idea that makes you recognisable, memorable, unique and...

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Ignore customer segmentation at your peril

By Damien Edmonds. If I could suggest one aspect of marketing to focus on in 2017, it would be customer segmentation - put simply, to understand exactly who your customer is. Marketing expert Jim Stengel used to spend his spare time visiting and observing customer...

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Satisfying customers in the Transparent Age

By Damien Edmonds. I recently saw a fabulous marketing video of Professor Philip Kotler (author of over 55 books on marketing), speaking on how customer value has changed in recent times. The video was created 18 months after the launch of Apple’s iPhone, and is...

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