Brand identity and creative design

Today brands are represented visually more often than ever. Having a strong and meaningful brand identity is now a critical part of any organisation’s marketing strategy.

It is important that a visual identity is easily recognizable across multiple formats. At Edmonds Marketing we are have won awards for our integrated brand marketing.  We are able to create a range of materials online and offline, from print ads and brochures to promoted posts and websites.

For us it is about creating design that is linked to market research insights and that resonates effectively with customers. It is also about creating a consistent look that brings the brand to life across various applications – Sophy Edmonds.

Within your collateral we aim to represent your brand identity but also use creative design to highlight your messages in an appealing and memorable way. At all points design should:

  • Help clearly deliver a message
  • Confirm credibility
  • Emotionally connects a service or organization to target prospects
  • Motivate customers
  • Create a good experience for customers
  • Build brand loyalty

Creative design plays a role in developing brand association which then builds customer loyalty.

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