Brands are not just what they say they are – they are what customers say they are.

A brand’s true identity lies in its perception.


Customer perception is brand reality.  

So do you know how your customers really perceive your organisation?

Think about your brand. Can you answer questions like: Why do customers like you? How would they describe you? What attributes and characteristics do they associate with you?

Often there is a gap between your idea of your brand’s perception and what your customers actually think. To change perceptions you must first know how it really is, not how you think it is or how you want it to be.

Once you have a clearer picture of customer perceptions you will be able to think about how you want the brand to be viewed in the future and how you might shape things to bridge the gap.

Getting a true picture of your strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of customers is the first step to advancing your brand strategy.


How BrandScan helps.

BrandScan™ Brand Perception Survey is a quantitative online survey designed to reveal customer perceptions of a company or brand.

Applying well-developed brand personality frameworks and qualified methods, BrandScan is specifically designed to enable small to medium organisations access valuable customer insights conveniently and cost effectively.

 The online survey provides quantifiable insights into the following:

  • How your organisation is currently perceived – what your customers think of you.
  • How do your customers describe you? What characteristics or attributes do people associate with your brand?
  • How satisfied and loyal are your customers?
  • How are you perceived relative to your competition?

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