Clime Private Wealth

In 2018 the Clime business was at a crossroads, moving from being a purely fund management business to including wealth advisory. They were also launching new funds.

From a brand perspective, they were facing several important issues:

First and foremost, they need to develop their brand to reflect their new direction and the fact that the brand needed to  become independent of their founder.

Secondly, they needed to reach consensus within the executive  team on how to amplify their presence in the market- making it commensurate with the work they did and proportional to the size of the business.

Thirdly, they had to take decisions around the scope of the marketing they would do to promote the brand and the broader product offering. Importantly, they needed to build on the marketing strategies they had begun, finding stronger and more effective ways to appeal to their target audiences.

Edmonds Marketing delivered a bespoke branding workshop for the Clime Executive  team. The workshop focused on:

  • Understanding Clime’s market positioning in wealth advisory
  • Increasing Clime’s knowledge of its core customer and segmentation criteria
  • Defining Clime’s new overarching value proposition, including corporate messaging and customer promise
  • Development of promotional campaign themes around Clime’s brand for an initial period
  • Outlining marketing mix and metrics for evaluation

As a result of the strategic workshop, the executive  team reached consensus on the path ahead and the alignment of the team’s roles and responsibilities. .

Clime then commissioned Edmonds Marketing’ Brandscan™ research product to fully uncover the perception of the existing brand with current customers and followers to understand what areas of their overall service and messaging they might improve.

“The Clime Executive and management  team attended a bespoke, strategic marketing masterclass with Damien Edmonds which absolutely exceeded our expectations.  We were looking to develop our brand to reflect our expanded product and service offering. Our managing director said that the session was ‘brilliant’ and we all agreed it was excellent value for money.


Over the session we made several important realisations – the biggest of which was that we needed to connect our outward facing brand to our personality as a company. In terms of understanding of how marketing can help us in the future, we took a real step forward thanks to the workshop.” Maria Greensill, Head of Clime Private Wealth (3 December 2018)