Content marketing

Effective content marketing is storytelling – it helps develop your thought-leadership with your customers.

It is an approach that focuses on distributing content that is valuable and relevant to your customer base.

‘Content is king’ is one of the most important concepts here. Basically, consumers aren’t stupid. No matter how good your SEO is, people won’t read and share unless your content is good.

Well-written, well-designed content sets your brand apart in a sea of generic messages. It engages your ideal customers by both understanding and speaking to their needs, building trust in your brand narrative.

In an age where many customers have found ways to avoid traditional marketing channels, content marketing is a key tactic for businesses. Rather than just advertising for the sake of awareness or spruiking promotions, well-written content aims to engage more deeply with audiences.

Your content needs to be interesting, engaging, well presented and creatively formatted. Think about the best way to convey it — in writing, through pictures, or via the spoken word. Good pictures get attention and webinars/ videos are increasingly popular. And, above all, make sure your ideas are good. Do some research. Think originally. Whenever you can, give people something that they can’t get elsewhere.

It works particularly well within communities and comes in many forms, including videos, newsletters, e-books, podcasts or social media posts – so long as they’re consistent with the voice of your brand.

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