Group Training Association Queensland and Northern Territory (GTAQNT) (now known as Apprentice Employment Network) is the state association representing group training organisations, and Australia’s largest employer network of apprentices and trainees.
Over several years, the following changes had impacted the association and its member base leading to a reduced market share:
  • significant economic downturn
  • reduced uptake of apprentices and trainees and
  • decreased government funding.
Edmonds Marketing:
  • Undertook marketing research to uncover its collective brand promise and inform its strategic marketing decision making process.
  • Gathered feedback from internal and external audience s including: Conducted qualitative interviews with CEOs.
  • Provided initial insights to define and inform more measurable quantitative research.
  • Canvassed feedback from senior management and field staff as well as customers, government and partner organisations.
  • Presented the research at the annual conference and AGM.
  • Advised on the development and future direction of the GTAQNT brand.
  • Helped the organisation engage with the data, which led to a greater understanding of the changing business landscape it was working in.
  • Published the findings in a report with a series of recommendations to enable GTAQNT to transition to a more commercial focus and increase market share.