Customer research

Customer research – i.e., knowing your customer back to front – is at the core of any good marketing strategy. Otherwise, no matter how loud, your messages might fall on deaf ears.

At Edmonds Marketing, we consider customer research to be a critical step in effective market research. Rigorous, objective research and reviews inform marketing direction. We offer our clients a clearer understanding of their market, key customer segments, and their corresponding needs and perceptions.

We employ a variety of tools to find out how the public perceives your brand, including in-depth phone and face-to-face interviews with previous customers, focus groups, mystery shopping, and surveys.

Mystery shoppers, for instance, can show you why and at what point of their journey customers choose to opt in or opt out of your service. This information helps inform not only your communications campaigns (internally and externally), but also your staff training, incentives and sales programs.

Other forms of customer research, for example focus groups and surveys, can hone in on particular target areas. These tools offer rich data about who your ideal customer is and what they look for in a service.

As part of our Strategic marketing consultancy, our research delivers insights that give your customer an authentic voice, allowing your business to start a direct and genuine conversation with its target market.