Internal review

Edmonds Marketing’s strategic marketing consultancy team knows that everything we do reflects on our brand. What we do and say, how we act, and how we deliver services all impact on how we’re perceived.

In a service organisation, staff members are the face of your brand. For customers to believe in your values, your team needs to believe in them first.

An internal review finds out how people inside your organisation perceive it. Your brand should energise and engage your staff, so they can in turn effortlessly communicate these positive emotions to clients.

We conduct structured, face-to-face interviews with key internal stakeholders, from the CEO to senior leaders and managers. We also conduct quantitative research to test initial findings; for instance, we might conduct a follow-up survey of team members that assesses the findings of an interview with management. As part of our communications consultancy, we aim to uncover how people at all levels of the business perceive the brand.

These insights drive the development of strategic internal communications that strengthen the team’s engagement with the business.