Communication campaigns

Our communications expertise results in glowing campaigns that nurture your brand.

Edmonds Marketing is with your organisation every step of the way: planning, delivering and reviewing campaigns; communicating change and managing issues within your organisation; and making sure your online presence shows your best face.


Communications campaign delivery

A strong communications campaign includes forward-looking, step-by-step plans for delivery. Edmonds Marketing is a communications consultancy with proven experience in bringing the marketing strategy cycle to life: plan, implement, and review. As this cycle begins again, we continue to build momentum and grow as an organisation.

As part of our service, we work with clients to develop monthly communications campaign schedules that simplify this cycle. We deliver sustained, integrated marketing and communication campaigns that support organisational growth.

As a strategic marketing consultancy, your successful communications campaigns are our priority. Depending on the needs of your business, our approach will include a bespoke blend of the following:

  • content marketing and social media
  • creative design (photography, branding, graphic design, videos, collateral)
  • digital and website development
  • events management
  • media relations
  • sponsorship
  • stakeholder engagement.

We want you to get the most out of each communications campaign you run. For this reason, we implement detailed action plans that integrate online and offline marketing activity within agreed timeframes and budget.

We deliver our campaigns against key criteria that ensure we’re always accountable. To make sure your marketing strategy is the best it can be, we review each campaign cycle against performance indicators.


Campaign reviews

It’s our responsibility as a strategic marketing consultancy not just to implement campaigns, but also to make sure they work hard for your business.

At Edmonds Marketing, we know a communications campaign isn’t truly finished until its success has been reviewed.

Our review process measures current campaigns against agreed performance criteria. We use a combination of digital analytics (from across Google, your website, social media, and e-newsletters) and business performance indicators to fuel continuous improvement. We build on our successes.

Campaign reviews ensure your business is always looking forward. Along with ongoing market research, reviews inform the next stage of marketing strategy. As a communications consultancy, we want to make sure every message you put out into the world is a step forward for your brand.


Change communications

When you make changes within your organisation, it’s important that you win the hearts and minds of your team in the process.

Edmonds Marketing has worked across a range of complex change communications programs. Our clients trust us to provide professional communication counsel that strengthens internal engagement and encourages staff members to buy into change.

In change communications, we understand the importance of engaging with internal stakeholders in a consistent and authentic manner.

As a longstanding strategic marketing consultancy, Edmonds Marketing has a number of tools for facilitating change communications. These include helping your organisation set up a portal of timely, accessible information for your teams, such as an intranet. We may also recommend face-to-face meetings and presentations that inform staff, reinforce key messages, and allow for two-way feedback.

During a period of change, it’s essential that organisations actively listen to the input of their internal staff and key stakeholders. When your people feel heard, not only can you implement change smoothly – with your team’s help – but you are also more like to implement the right changes, which allow your organisation to grow.


Issues management

Issues can affect organisations of any nature and size – and dent their reputation. At Edmonds Marketing, we believe issues management is an important part of any marketing strategy, especially in today’s instant digital news landscape.

We know that businesses are more exposed to customers and stakeholders than ever before. Even issues like a single disgruntled client can escalate into a situation that can disrupt or damage reputation.

Our clients often employ us to keep an eye on the media for emerging issues and to offer strategic marketing and media expertise if an issue is uncovered.

We encourage our clients to be as prepared as possible and to think through how to deal with the most likely range of issues for their business. As part of our strategic marketing consultancy, we are able to prepare Issues Management and Crisis documents, training and workshops, including advice on how and when to respond to media, best practices in HR management and organisational governance.

The case study below reveals the way issues management can protect reputation as part of a coordinated marketing service.




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