Issues management

Issues can affect organisations of any nature and size – and dent their reputation. At Edmonds Marketing, we believe issues management is an important part of any marketing strategy, especially in today’s instant digital news landscape.

We know that businesses are more exposed to customers and stakeholders than ever before. Even issues like a single disgruntled client can escalate into a situation that can disrupt or damage reputation.

Our clients often employ us to keep an eye on the media for emerging issues and to offer strategic marketing and media expertise if an issue is uncovered.

We encourage our clients to be as prepared as possible and to think through how to deal with the most likely range of issues for their business. As part of our strategic marketing consultancy, we are able to prepare Issues Management and Crisis documents, training and workshops, including advice on how and when to respond to media, best practices in HR management and organisational governance.

The case study below reveals the way issues management can protect reputation as part of a coordinated marketing service.