Change communications

Edmonds Marketing has worked across a range of complex change communications programs. Our clients trust us to provide professional communication counsel that strengthens internal engagement and encourages staff members to buy into change.

When you make changes within an organisation, it’s important to win the hearts and minds of your team in the process.

  • People on the whole like change – what they don’t like is not having any influence over the changes happening to them.
  • Change occurs gradually, a process of transition and a progression of events as milestones are achieved.
  • And if we are comfortable in our current situation and don’t see the need to amend anything, then change will be difficult to implement.
  • That’s why we look to engage with internal stakeholders in a consistent and authentic manner.

As a longstanding strategic marketing consultancy, Edmonds Marketing has a number of tools for facilitating change communications. These include helping your organisation set up a portal of timely, accessible information for your teams, such as an intranet. We may also recommend face-to-face meetings and presentations that inform staff, reinforce key messages, and allow for two-way feedback.

During a period of change, it’s essential that organisations actively listen to the input of their internal staff and key stakeholders. When your people feel heard, not only can you implement change smoothly – with your team’s help – but you are also more like to implement the right changes, which allow your organisation to grow.

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