Media relations

Your marketing strategy will often benefit from targeted media relations (MR) that increase the reach and the credibility of a story you want to share.

At Edmonds Marketing, we believe in knowing your customers well. This includes knowing which types of media they consume and are influenced by. Armed with that knowledge, we are able to decide the role MR might play in an overall communications campaign.

We also make sure we know the media that represents your industry so that we can advocate for you or influence the debate on your behalf. Understanding the opinions and scope of local, national and industry media allows us to coordinate a campaign that will raise your visibility in the right way.

Media relations is not the same as content creation; it is a powerful but different tool. By persuading a journalist that your story will interest their audience, and asking them to share it alongside different stories, media relations adds third-party credibility and resonance – and makes your story part of a bigger conversation.

As part of our full communications consultancy, we work hard to align your strategy to each of your messages – so that the stories you tell communicate your business’s values and objectives.

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