Brand positioning

A strong brand is about more than a logo or advertising. It’s about building and maintaining strong, deliberate perceptions in the minds of customers and staff.

Think about the brands you often return to. How do you feel when you think of a favourite brand? What makes them different to their competitors?

Edmonds Marketing sees branding as a core part of your marketing strategy. Your brand is the unique language your business uses to communicate with the world.

Successful brands are focused, differentiated and compelling to their market – and when they make a promise, they deliver. A trustworthy, consistent brand will have the support of a unified team of staff – who will uphold the brand’s values in everything they do.

As a strategic marketing consultancy, we think of brand positioning as getting to know your business through workshops and interviews:

  • What’s the brand’s vision for the future?
  • What values does the business hold?
  • What’s your brand’s personality?
  • What makes your business different?

At Edmonds Marketing, we have proven experience as a communications consultancy supporting a diverse range of brands. There’s only one business like yours; we’re driven to make your brand stick in the minds of customers.