Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation means understanding exactly who your ideal customer is, so your business can retain them and grow more effectively.

At Edmonds Marketing, we know that a marketing campaign is strongest when the message is targeted to a specific audience ­– or ‘segment’ of customers. If we try to talk to everyone at once, the message is diluted and no one will hear.

Part of our service as a strategic marketing consultancy is to build the accurate picture of all your possible customers through market research – a picture that is unique to each organisation and represents its point of difference.

To do this we consider demographics (e.g. age, income, gender), geographics (e.g. rural or urban, local or global), psychographics (e.g. personality, values, beliefs) and behaviour variables (e.g. usage rates, loyalty).

If we speak the lingo of each relevant segment, your campaigns will engage and resonate with people, building trust for your organisation.

In this way customer segmentation both helps grow your business and increases the cost-efficiency of your marketing strategy. When you market to the right people, you get the most return on your investment.