We live in an era where customer choice is paramount – sustainable business growth is now dependent on having truly customer-focused marketing strategies.

However, with a crowded marketplace and a dizzying amount of data available it can be difficult to develop a road map. It is easy to spend too long considering where to start – all the while losing valuable momentum, time and opportunities.

Edmonds Marketing’s General Manager, Damien Edmonds, is a highly experienced group facilitator and leads bespoke and practical customer-orientated marketing workshops. These workshops have helped internal teams to develop consensus from within to:

  • Understand how to develop marketing strategies that improve organisational performance
  • Learn to integrate communications to make your services tangible to customers
  • Identify your brand’s differentiating vision and values
  • Analyse the context of your organisation – review external threats and opportunities as well as internal strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognise your relevant customer segments and, accordingly, your main competitors
  • Understand how to adapt your services to customer segments
  • Learn how to measure success using core metrics at various stages along the customer journey
  • Build team consensus about the best way forward

Edmonds Marketing’s workshops are tailored to your specific needs. They are highly engaging and results-orientated. You are sent a preparation pack that helps you gather information in advance and then, over the course of the workshop, participants receive their own handbook allowing them to take what they learn back to their respective teams.

Above all, these workshops assist to kickstart internal thinking around modern customer considerations and speed up the consensus-building process to help your whole organisation improve relationships with your customers.

See also strategic marketing masterclasses, designed to help leaders and board members understand the what, why and how of strategic marketing and overall customer-management.

Email damien@edmondsmarketing.com.au or call 07 3175 9905.

“Recently Damien from Edmonds Marketing facilitated a two-day marketing workshop for Komatsu Queensland team. Damien analysed our position in the market place with great accuracy and together, we examined the full marketing mix, including social media and digital platforms. This was a beneficial exercise as 360 facilitation gave us confidence in what to focus on moving forward.”
Cameron Davis

Regional Sales Manager, Komatsu

“Damien facilitated two workshops for our team at a time when we needed to build consensus about our brand and its appeal. The workshops encouraged us to think deeply about the foundations of the brand and how we would grow. Damien is a talented communicator who gathers the knowledge of the Edmonds Marketing team and synthesises it into messages which express both who you are as a business and where you are going. The workshops were valuable to us and what came out of them has guided key business decisions.”

Brett Hayes

Proprietor, Hayes Family Wines