Mobile Rehab contracted Edmonds Marketing to better understand and define its value to customers and stakeholders. Edmonds Marketing led a strategic facilitation exercise that enabled our leadership and team to develop consensus and clarity around our marketing direction to support our organisational objectives. I would definitely recommend Edmonds Marketing’s services – they are well prepared, responsive and deliver quality outcomes.

Cheryl Cartwright

General Manager, Mobile Rehab

mobile rehab

Mobile Rehab provides community health services to Queenslanders aged over 60 years, with a condition affecting their mobility, who want to prevent or improve the effects of that condition.


  • To achieve continued growth, Mobile Rehab sought to define and communicate its value to customers and other stakeholder groups.


Edmonds Marketing:

  • facilitated a planning workshop engaging with key members of Mobile Rehab’s team
  • identified Mobile Rehab’s situational analysis, prioritised customer and stakeholder segments and mapped associated needs, wants and expectations.
  • defined Mobile’s point of difference and core benefit across all member segments, which then assisted with clarity of strategic messaging.


Mobile Rehab gained team consensus and clarified its marketing focus and associated messaging to ensure ongoing consistency.