Edmonds Marketing provided us with invaluable assistance to structure our proposed pilot project effectively. They guided us through recommended marketing strategies, communication plans and creation of KPIs against which we could measure our progress.

Karen Quaile

Director of services, MS Queensland

ms qld

MS Queensland is the leading, non-profit organisation for Multiple Sclerosis information, education, treatment and support in the state.


To prepare for the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), MS Queensland wanted to develop an in-home support program (IHSP) for those with a disability or progressive neurological disease residing in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas; but it did not have the expertise to plan an accompanying marketing strategy.


Edmonds Marketing:

  • Created a marketing framework with a structured approach.
  • Ran a half-day planning workshop with key members of the IHSP team, as well as MS Queensland’s media and communications staff.
  • Ensured MS Queensland had an informed decision-making process and could leverage valuable knowledge and insights from its key internal stakeholders regarding the marketplace and the IHSP’s offering.
  • Developed a launch strategy with a clear path to market:
  • Identified detailed business objectives, key performance indicators, audience segments and core tactics.
  • Performed a SWOT analysis.
  • Planned a strategic approach to the competitive landscape.
  • Prepared a marketing calendar of activity within the available budget, setting out marketing opportunities to support the launch.
  • Created a value proposition, tagline and key messages.