In September, we spoke about “Marketing for Healthcare Practices” at the “Into Private Practice” event for Medical Financial Group in Brisbane.

Click to view ‘Marketing Healthcare Practices’ video.

Healthcare services in Australia have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Two decades ago, practices didn’t necessarily need to communicate their offering in an ongoing capacity. However, in an increasingly noisy and cluttered market place, various kinds of practices must now market their businesses to remain competitive.

If the purpose of your practice is to create and service a customer (i.e. patient, referring GP or community group), then marketing should be an integral part of your practice’s management.

In fact, the more options that your patients have, the more marketing and reputation-building can make a difference for your practice.


Grow your practice through 3Ms:
1. Market research — consider why customers may use your services over that of your competition.
2. Messages / brand — use past customers’ motivations to help prepare your key messages. These should inform and educate potential customers about your practice and its services.
3. Media — use both offline and online touchpoints to engage your customers. These might include your front-of-house service, website, enewsletters and direct mail.


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