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Positioning is a vital part of organisational or business strategy.

It is important for all organisations, but especially those facing increasingly competitive market conditions, driven by government and policy shifts, changing customer preferences, an economic downturn and technological transformations.

In order to cut through in a noisy marketplace and optimise growth opportunities with current and potential markets, your organisation must clearly establish its position and offering.

Stand out So what is positioning? And how do organisations harness it?

Market positioning underpins strategic marketing communications. It helps you to determine what your organisation or brand stands for and what makes it stand out.

In short, positioning shapes how individuals perceive your organisation or service.

It links to corporate identity. Whether deliberately managed or not, your organisation will have an identity and be positioned in the mind of your target audience and stakeholders, relative to competitors.

Indeed, the position your organisation takes in the mind of your target audience may be the only means of differentiating your service offering from a competitor’s.

You can proactively develop and manage your organisation’s brand or corporate reputation by clearly communicating with your target audience and stakeholders.

Research harnesses objective insights and information on an organisation’s target audience: their behaviours, needs, awareness and perceptions. This information is key to effective marketing strategic planning and decision-making .

A completed positioning statement summarises what your brand is, what it stands for, and the values and beliefs that customers or stakeholders should associate with it. It also underpins your organisation’s value proposition or strap-line.

Once this is established, strategic marketing communications enables customers and stakeholders to clearly understand your organisation’s offering. Strategic marketing communications relates to them thereby increasing your sales, effective stakeholder support and ability to facilitate change.

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