Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites – it has become an essential part of digital communications.

Whether it’s a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, social media drives your brand’s public personality. It’s an social engagement tool that helps you inform and connect with advocates or influencers according to attitudes, interests and lifestyles, rather than traditional demographics.

It’s all about building relationships – Advocates and Influencers:

  • Have a greater share of wallet, higher average order value + greater lifetime value
  • Therefore, they build a great fan base for your brand.

A Facebook Page, for instance, is a low-cost way to:

  • drive more referrals than any other social platform
  • extend your reach to prospective clients within a community
  • broadcast messages through word-of-mouth
  • allow clients to ask questions, provide feedback and interact more closely
  • encourage peer-to-peer support
  • make events accessible to everyone through photos and video, and
  • finally, humanise your brand in a more informal space.

Instagram: A great platform for people to find and judge the visual identity of a business.

Snapchat: Younger demographic 18-34 years, so more casual (less crafting) and works well with live events.

LinkedIn: 95% of B2B market – drives industry talk and thought leadership. Average use ~30 mins/month.

Twitter: Useful for PR during a show or event.

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