Developing Vision and Values Workshop

To support and reflect your organisational identity, it’s important to develop a clear brand vision and values. Well-developed statements form the foundation for all activities in an organisation and support a clear and consistent brand identity. This is very powerful in terms of building a reputation that customers, staff members and other stakeholder remember, identify with, come back to and, most importantly, trust.

It’s effective when your organisational values are:

  • authentic, liveable, engaging and differentiating
  • able to align with your brand proposition
  • simple to understand and communicate.

Your vision should provide guidance and inspiration as to what the organisation is focused on achieving in five, ten or more years. It defines an optimal desired future state.

This workshop will arm you with a clear brand vision and values that reflect your unique offering and set you on a path towards a brand identity that really works for you.

To discuss an in-house workshop for your team, contact or call 07 3175 9905.