Marketing Masterclass

Edmonds Marketing runs an in-house strategic marketing masterclass for senior executives and boards.

Effective marketing can dramatically improve your organisation’s ability to attract and retain customers. With a dizzying array of promotional channels available in today’s competitive business world, it can be difficult to know what is the best way forward.

Designed for improved team collaboration, the marketing masterclass allows you to leverage team knowledge to work through collective insights and understand what underpins a sound marketing strategy.

Participants are able think deeply and provided with valuable insights enabling them to:

  • understand customers better by placing them at the centre of your business
  • recognise who your competitors really are (from your customer’s viewpoint)
  • clarify your unique advantages and how you can build customer value
  • develop ongoing marketing strategies to improve business performance

Initially established with Queensland Government’s Department of State Development, Edmonds Marketing’s masterclass will help extract key information about your target market, competitors and current state of play to help make your marketing more effective.

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To discuss an in-house masterclass for your team, contact or call 07 3175 9905.

Participants receive a preparation pack in advance of the workshop to gather relevant information. A workshop handbook also allows participants to reflect on insights. Once completed, the handbook also offers a clear path towards agreed outcomes.