How to bring your brand to life via a clear strategy.

One of the biggest challenges for brands today is to stand out: to create positive perceptions and strong connections that make us choose one brand over another.

Do you know what is your brand’s point of difference? Is this understood across your organisation?  Or when asked “what makes you different from your competitors?” do you rattle off a long list of features that don’t sound particularly distinctive?

In our today’s competitive world, no amount of promotional marketing can overcome a weak brand.

From our years in marketing, if there was one piece of advice we could offer – it’s to realise the unique value your brand offers in the light of your target audience and to achieve focus around what makes you distinctive.

Having clarity about what sets your brand apart is extremely powerful to enable focused, deliberate efforts in achieving sustained success in strategic marketing over the longer term.

So how do you do this?

In considering how to strengthen or reposition your existing brand – it’s important to:

  • Gain stakeholder consensus on what the brand stands for
  • Anchor the brand with one ownable point of difference
  • Shape customer perceptions and build emotional connection with your brand

The key elements of your brand positioning strategy include your brand story, value propositions, your brand’s visual identity and the tone with which you communicate with your stakeholders.

Brand Research provides understanding about the brand and insights to determine your brand strategy. It’s important to assess relevant aspects of your current brand, understand challenges and issues, as well as key stakeholder perceptions.

Team workshop exercises ensure team members understand the drivers of brand success and contribute towards defining its relevant differentiation, customer value proposition and emotional connection.

Our Brand Positioning Workshop aims to help brands discover the unique value they can own in the minds of their target audience and to achieve focus around what makes them distinctive. 

A well-considered Brand Blueprint that defines your brand and what it is built upon becomes the basis for your brand strategy and all brand communications.

Once you have ascertained and agreed on your brand positioning it is important to determine the ways in which this positioning is brought to life. It should be evident during every interaction your customers have with your brand or organisation.

There is a need to ensure that service delivery matches the stated brand positioning and thereby further enriches and endorses the brand promise. In this way the brand can act as an agent for culture change across the organisation and translate into a differential service offering.

At Edmonds Marketing, we help reposition brands, create and establish new brands and reaffirm existing brands within their existing market position.

If you would like to discuss undertaking a Brand Positioning workshop, please get in touch with our team. We are forward thinking strategic marketing consultants who love unpacking complex brand and marketing challenges.